Vaccine Clinic

For your pets to enjoy our daycare and boarding program they have to be current on their vaccines. The shelter will be having their monthly clinic Thursday, January 25th. Cats can walk in from 5-5:30pm and dogs can walk in from 5:30-7pm. Come get your pet current on vaccinations so they can stay healthy and safe!



Let it snow!

 The dogs here at stay and play love the snow so much; they just can't get enough! Dawn's favorite thing to do is make snow angels! 



Waggin' 'Round in a Winter Wonderland!

Even on snow days we still have tons of fun here at daycare and boarding! Some of our boarders today reveled in the chance to run around in the magical white fluff and our daycare crew had a blast running around while it was actually still falling. 


Snow day (5).png

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is the day to reflect and realize all the blessings that we have in our lives. Some may be small (like the one day you had the courage to climb to the top of the obstacole course) but they are worth noticing. The staff here at Stay and Play, as well as the doggie clients, are extremely thankful for all of the new friendships we have made this year. We are excited to make even more friends of all shapes and sizes in the coming years. Thank goodness we have pets to keep our lives humble and full of compassion!


Dog days of summer

It is now August 1st. Summer is flying by and we only have one more month to fit all the fun. Our doggie friends at daycare sure have enjoyed their summer so far. Let the good times roll and let summer last forever!

kedar and little max.JPG
Penny and Lucy.JPG

Boarding, not just for dogs

We, here at Stay & Play, realize that there are some families that have more then just a dog in their home. Our facility also has space for not only dogs but for other pets aswell. Cats stay in a separate room so they don't have to feel the extra stress from being around the dogs. Here are some cats that have stayed with us in the past.

We have also gotten some Bunnies to spend a few nights too. You can bring thier own cage or we can set them up with one of our own.

Gandalf the Gray-Ferri.JPG

Splish Splash we are taking a bath

Some extra services that Stay & Play can provide are baths, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. This doggie daycare client got sap stuck to her fur when she was home and she was hoping we could help her remove it. A little trick with dealing with sap on fur is to use oils to loosen the sap off. You can use olive oil, mineral oil or even smooth peanut butter. You just want to make sure you use an oil that isn't harmful if digested since many dogs will try to lick at the spot. Once you let the oil sit for a few minutes you can start working it out with your fingers or a flea comb. This little lab was a very good girl and together we were able to get most of the sap off of her. She also liked the added bonus of getting to lick off some peanut butter herself.


If you know you have the coolest friends on the block, you have to practice your cool kid group walk

4th of July Weekend

As we all know, Independence Day is the day we commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which was signed 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. Everyone loves to have bar-b-ques, spend the day with family and gaze at the night sky during a fireworks filled night. Just remember that not all animals enjoy fireworks and loud noises that they can bring. Secure your pet in a safe area or make sure that someone is able to watch them if they get stressed out. 

Doggie Daycare will be closed for July 4th.
Boarding will still be open but will have limited pickup and drop off times: 8-11am and 4-6pm.

Everyone be safe and enjoy your holiday!

Summer has officially begun

Today marks the Summer Solstice on our calendars. Time to finalize our vacation plans and load up on sunscreen. Remember to keep pets cool while outside on hot days. Some dogs love to play in plastic kiddie pools, it's not only fun to watch them play but it is also a great way for them to cool off.

Here are a few images of the dogs at Doggie Daycare and Boarding having fun in the sun!

Malz keep watch over Dusk while he enjoys pool time.

Malz keep watch over Dusk while he enjoys pool time.

Tucker and Max keeping cool in the shade talking about the days adventures.

Tucker and Max keeping cool in the shade talking about the days adventures.

Eli smiling for the camara :)

Eli smiling for the camara :)

Jethro and Reece playing in the grass.

Jethro and Reece playing in the grass.

Savannah, Lucy and Penny having girl gossip time

Savannah, Lucy and Penny having girl gossip time

Start of Summer

Summer has begun and be sure to think about your pet when making those much needed vacation plans. Here at Stay & Play dogs get to enjoy being out in the sun too. We all want to bring our pets with us on our travels but sometimes it just isn't possible. Relax in knowing that the staff here will love and care for you pet just as much as you do! Call and make a reservation today to make sure that your pet is all set and ready for his/her own vacation. 

Wilson taking a break from playing fetch with his favorite ball at boarding.

Wilson taking a break from playing fetch with his favorite ball at boarding.

Choices Choices

Sometimes you think you have the better toy and then someone comes along with something even better. But at least he is a good friend and will share with you. 

Riddle me this

Looks like some of the daycare dogs weren't amused by my dog jokes I told them today. 

Fun fact: Basenji, which is a breed that originated from the Congo, is known as the bark-less dog. Despite it not being able to vocalize like other dogs he still makes himself heard with yodels and song. 

Summer time weather

The pool is the best way to beat the heat on those hot days, like it was last week. Captain is enjoy his swim as Savannah stands as life guard. Remember that it is always safer to swim with a friend.

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Misty is happy to wish everyone a magnifi-scent May. Misty enjoys going on walks and having the breeze flow through her mane while she stays overnight in buddy boarding. Its a great way to relax and stretch her little legs.