Choices Choices

Sometimes you think you have the better toy and then someone comes along with something even better. But at least he is a good friend and will share with you. 

Riddle me this

Looks like some of the daycare dogs weren't amused by my dog jokes I told them today. 

Fun fact: Basenji, which is a breed that originated from the Congo, is known as the bark-less dog. Despite it not being able to vocalize like other dogs he still makes himself heard with yodels and song. 

Summer time weather

The pool is the best way to beat the heat on those hot days, like it was last week. Captain is enjoy his swim as Savannah stands as life guard. Remember that it is always safer to swim with a friend.

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Misty is happy to wish everyone a magnifi-scent May. Misty enjoys going on walks and having the breeze flow through her mane while she stays overnight in buddy boarding. Its a great way to relax and stretch her little legs. 

Throwing it back on Thursday

This game I love, and this game is called fetch.
When she throws it high I leap and I catch.
She knows I'm ready for another when I drop it and stare.
Again it flies and again I dare.
Again and again, another and another.
She loves me and that's why I love her.

Club House

Girls only, no boys aloud

Clara, Maisi and Savannah say "Girls rule and Boys drool!"


Kojo comes into boarding from time to time and he is always a great pleasure. For being an older fellow he is a prime example how age is only a number and we can be as old as we feel! He loves to bound around the yard and loves meeting new dogs. He is a character and he is this week's Stay & Play "Man Crush Monday". 

Best Friends Forever

Malz and Caesar are an unlikely pair, a older Golden retriever and a spunky young cocka-poo. As Malz slowly recovers from her ACL injury she has her best friend by her side to keep her happy and her spirits high. Caesar is glued to Malz hip and even when it is time for him to go home he thinks twice about coming along. After he gives Malz a goodbye/ see you next time kiss he is off into his dad's arms. And of course it is happy tail wags and more kisses when they meet up together again. 

"It seems they have always been, and would always be, friends. Time could change much, but not that." -Winnie the Pooh

No Love Like Puppy Love

Today is National Puppy Day!! 

Colleen Paige, founder of puppy day says this "Puppies are the most trusting and joyous creatures on the planet. Oh, to be more like a puppy."

Just an excuse to show our pets some extra love and attention. At daycare/boarding everyday is a day to celebrate dogs and all the unconditional love that they give us. Spread the word and help celebrate puppies and promote adoptions!

Goofin off at Daycare

Clara has an excuse to be acting silly today since it is National Goof-off day; a day to relax, take it easy, and to just have fun. Anyone and everybody can celebrate this day, even the dogs here at Doggie Daycare/Boarding. This day is set aside for you to do whatever it is you enjoy doing: whether that be wearing a goofy hat, singing a goofy song, or spending some extra time daydreaming.  So enjoy your day, just be sure not to get in trouble by goofing off too much :)

P.S. It is also Be As Young As You Feel Day. 

Erin go brah!

Irish proverb says:  a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures.

Baxter and Harley are looking and feeling like 2 lucky charms after their complementary bath for boarding with us. 



We Really Should Be Wearing Blue Tomorrow

Lena the blue heeler has a little fun fact for the holiday: St. Patrick actually wore a light shade of blue, not green. I guess that means he would have gotten pinched. The color green only became associated with this holiday after it was linked to the Irish independence movement in the late 18th century.

Chillin' out Maxin' Relaxin' all cool

Kona must think he is the fresh prince of Laps. Just goes to show that not all lap dogs are small 10lb dogs...some happen to be big brown labradors.

Here comes the Sun

Started off as a little rainy morning but it turned into a nice sunny day. Just as humans enjoy basking in the sun, so do many of our dogs. Its a luxury of the summer but even though its not quite summer time yet, we can surely see signs that its just around the corner.  As you can see, one of Malz's hobbies is to make "grass angles" while she is here at daycare. Not only does the warm rays feel good but it can also give our dogs vitamins. Although dogs don't absorb vitamin D the same way as humans do, it still is beneficial for their health same as us. 

Celebrate Wildlife


March 3rd marks World Wildlife Day, a day to raise awareness about the wonders of wildlife. Big or small we all should learn tolerance and respect for all the world's creatures. Tank boards with us every now and again, this is him enjoying the beauty of butterflies. He even shairs his ball with them. And we all know that Rotties love thier tennis balls. 

Sleepover Time

Along with Doggie Daycare, dogs like little Max, also enjoy spending the night in our  Buddy Boarding section. After playing outside multiple times during the day Max likes to snuggle in his bed with all his toys that mommy brought him.